Travis and Presley

Curriculum for Early Childhood Development


Travis and Presley enjoy visiting schools and talking with children about the importance of having good manners…. and the kids love it!


When Travis first started traveling the country and entertaining children he was amazed at how attentive the children were.  "You could hear a pin drop," Travis said. "There's just something about Presley that really captures their attention and makes learning fun and entertaining.”


But as wonderful as those personal experiences are, Travis had a bigger picture in mind.  “I just wanted to find a way to bottle it up so more children could benefit from it.”  That’s when inspiration struck.  This dynamic duo teamed up with educational specialists and embarked on a new journey to create a new and innovative curriculum aimed at empowering kids by developing their life skills and showing them the importance of having good manners.


"We're not teaching kids," Travis explains, "the parents and teachers are already doing a great job of that.  We're simply giving them a tool to help gain the kid's attention and enthusiasm!" With the entertaining adventure DVDs, catchy sing-along songs, teacher resource booklets, Smart Board activities and other supporting material, Travis led the development of a curriculum that meets most states educational objectives. "We're really proud of the work we've done on this curriculum, but it's nothing compared to the feeling we get when we hear the wonderful feedback from the teachers! Presley is connecting with children through our curriculum just as much as when we get to visit them," Travis proclaims, "and that was really our goal from the start."


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